Routes Into Teaching


Fee paying, 1 year PGCE with QTS.

Specialise in Primary (5-11) or a range of Secondary Subjects (11-18).

DFE Apply – YOU choose your university provider AND your host school.

Entry requirements: minimum 2.2 degree, grade 4 in English, Maths (and Science for Primary).

The Lion Alliance offers additional support and guidance including Alliance Days; access to ‘Meet the Expert’ training; organising your second placement (with your requests considered); recruitment opportunities & membership of Lion Alliance alumni.

With the Lion Alliance and a University partner.
University partners include:
- The University of Warwick
- Birmingham City University
- Coventry University


A 12 month programme (July to July), leading to QTS.

Currently offered in a range of Secondary subjects.

Employed by a host school as an unqualified teacher. Work full time. Host school covers all training costs.

Entry requirements: minimum 2.2 degree (will consider 3rd), grade 4 in English, Maths (and Science for Primary)

Online modules with Coventry University.

20% off the job training (50 - 80% teaching timetable that builds up incrementally across the 3 terms).

With the Lion Alliance and Coventry University.


A fast track route to QTS for unqualified teachers; providing you are already employed in a school environment.

You need two years working typically as an unqualified teacher in at least two schools before you can apply.

Funded by your school/organisation.

With the Lion Alliance and Birmingham City University.


Fee paying, 1 year PGCE with QTS.

DFE Apply – you choose your university provider only.

You will be assigned your host and placement schools by the university.

Many of our partner schools host CORE placements from the University of Warwick each year.

With the University of Warwick.


Download a copy of our 'Routes into Teaching' flyer for more information.


Throughout the year, both university-led CORE and school-led School Direct route students are taught together at university sessions. There are regular tutorials with your university tutors as well as weekly mentor meetings in school and, on some occasions, visits by tutors to your placement schools. Academic assignments will be the same for students that go through either route.


If you feel passionate about teaching and would like a programme offering placements in a range of schools this may be the best option for you. In the past this has been the traditional route into teaching where your chosen university will provide you with a good academic grounding upon which you will build your professional skills and understanding in schools. You may not be placed in a school immediately at the start of your course as your chosen university may ask you to join them for academic study to begin with. You will then be assigned placement schools throughout your training year at the university’s discretion.

School Direct route - (School led)

 If you would rather be immersed in the classroom environment and school culture, consider the School Direct route where you'll spend the year in our Alliance schools as part of our ever expanding network. We can offer you an authentic, practical and realistic experience of what it’s like to be in schools right now and you will be working with experienced colleagues from the outset who will mentor and support you throughout your PGCE year.

If you are unsure if this is the right route for you, you can find testimonials from our past trainees here:

It’s important to note that this route is similar to the CORE route (indeed most University based sessions will be taught alongside Core students), but a massive benefit of choosing the School Direct route is that the choice of school you train to teach in rests in your hands; you will choose a specific base placement school when you apply for our courses. If you’ve applied and your chosen school is no longer available, we are really flexible and will work with you to see if there is another school in our Alliance that you are interested in.

If your application is successful, the school you’ve chosen is where you will be placed for the majority of the year so that you can learn to teach and develop lasting relationships with your students and colleagues. You’ll also complete a complementary placement in another one of our Alliance schools for a shorter period of time; this is something we will arrange for you based on your school preference.