University of Warwick (WU)

The University of Warwick has been our longest standing partner and means collaborating with a university with an embedded local and international reputation for excellence in learning. They prepare their students to be school-ready, and that comes from providing high-quality support to students whether they’re at the university or learning in role in one of our Lion Alliance schools.

Their programme of learning is rooted in innovation and creativity and its supportive central team share the belief that a good education is the key to a successful life. They are extremely passionate about their students and ways in which they can support them, and have clear processes that both partners and students follow so that they can get the most from their training.

The University of Warwick is currently our biggest PGCE with QTS provider and we receive the majority of our trainees through courses ratified by them.

From September 2024 we will become a Level 3 Delivery Partner for Warwick University. This means the Lion Alliance will develop this working relationship even further, being involved in the delivery of curriculum elements and providing on-site workshops.

Birmingham City University (BCU)

Birmingham City University (BCU) is the second university partner that we have engaged with and has meant we have been able to expand our reach as an alliance of schools across the Coventry and Warwickshire area. This has allowed trainees to join us from further afield; opening up opportunities and has provided us with further exposure in the West Midlands.

Their program is extremely flexible with trainee’s spending more time with the university to learn academic and subject pedagogy before starting their placements with us in the Lion Alliance. This allows trainees to come into schools and have a deeper understanding of the different ways in which they can teach through self-reflective learning and development.

Birmingham City University are our second largest PGCE with QTS provider that we have partnered with and we receive a growing number of trainees through courses they ratify each year.

Although continuing to work closely with BCU, from September 2024 we will not be taking Post Graduate Fee Funded trainees.  

NITE: Coventry University (CU)

Coventry University has a local and world renowned reputation as an institution of excellence; delivering a bachelor and masters program that is widely respected in the professional business sector. They have now begun to offer varied teacher training courses, which are an area of growth across the United Kingdom, and have already developed a strong programme of study in Initial Teacher Training (ITT).

Their programme is hugely flexible, with seminar content being delivered virtually for their programme of learning across the year. This means there is less time spent at the university and more time for trainee’s to listen, reflect and learn, both during study time and in the classroom learning whilst working in a Lion Alliance school.

Coventry University is our newest PGCE with QTS provider and we have received a huge amount of interest in the courses they offer already during their first year of running courses.

Although continuing to work closely with Coventry, from September 2024 we will not be taking Post Graduate Fee Funded trainees.