'PGCE with QTS' - What to Expect

We have worked closely with our university partners to deliver structured teacher training for many years; embedding the Lion Alliance training school in the local Coventry and Warwickshire community.

Our Training School provides professional support for Initial Teacher Trainees and gives them full access to a well developed CPD (Continuing Professional Development) programme that is personalised to their needs. This is a fully flexible programme to address any development needs that arise throughout the training year and is something we are proud to deliver.


Each trainee will be supported by their own individual Subject Mentor who will be their point of contact and assist them with lesson planning, delivery and observations. This mentor provides coaching, feedback and completes the progress assessments with the trainee throughout the training year and will be there to support them at all times. They will also have weekly meetings with their trainee throughout the year to review progress regularly and discuss action points.

Each trainee will also be supported by a Professional Mentor who is a secondary point of contact and will deliver the weekly Initial teacher Trainee CPD programme at each of our partner schools. This mentor will provide both the trainee and subject mentor with support throughout the training year and is there to facilitate and ensure the standard of the training is high.

Initial Teacher Training will involve:

- Supporting mentor/tutor groups alongside experienced teaching staff to develop relationships with other staff members and children in a safe environment.
- Developing classroom experience through observation, planning and delivery. The amount of lessons our trainees deliver will start small and will increase across the training year as they develop their skills.
- Being issued a timetable which has been planned to meet your individual course needs, keeping your current ability and progress in mind.
- Being provided with the tools to work effectively; including a laptop for communication, planning and lesson delivery.
- Opportunities for our trainees to take part in wider school activities and events; including taking part in school INSET/training days.
- Taking part in the wider CPD programme across the Lion Alliance.

This is far from a complete list and you will have lots of opportunities to get involved.

The first day of a placement


- Parking is available on all of our partner schools sites.


- Report to your school's reception on arrival unless you've arranged otherwise with your subject/professional mentor.
- You will be required to sign-in using the schools sign-in system for fire safety purposes.


- Bring 3 form of ID - The school may ask to take a photocopy of these.
(Usually a Passport, Driving Licence and a Utility Bill with your current address on).
- Bring your DBS/CRB Certificate so that the school can confirm that you are safe to be in the school site unaccompanied. The school may ask to take a photocopy of this too.
- Packed Lunch - its a good idea to bring a lunch with you on the first day so that you can understand the schools lunch processes.


- Wear appropriate professional, business attire (think about what teachers wear on a day to day basis).


Below is an approximation of what a typical school day of a trainee teacher would look like. This will differ from school to school and should be used as a guide only.

8.30am - 8.40am
Arrive at school and sign-in before going to your department area.

8.40am - 8.50am
Attend a morning briefing.

8.50am - 9.05am
Mentor/Tutor group time (may include some pastoral activities).

9.05am - 10.05am
Weekly mentor meeting including discussions around progress/planning/assessments.

10.05am - 11.05am
Lesson observation where you will watch another teacher's lesson; observing for good practice, behaviour management, learning activities etc.

11.05am - 11.25am
Break time (this an opportunity to have a well deserved break or meet with other staff in the department/school).

11.25am - 12.25pm
Preparation time where you can lesson plan, spend time creating resources or meet with other teachers etc.

12.25pm - 1:00pm
Lunch time (this an opportunity to have a well deserved break).

1:00pm - 2:00pm
Deliver a Lesson (your timetable will increase as your classroom confidence and skills levels develop and grow).

2:00pm - 3:00pm
Reflect and evaluate lessons you've delivered with your subject mentor, or complete personal reflection yourself with the intention to go over this with your subject mentor at a later date.

End of the school day

3:00pm - 4.00pm
After school meeting (this could be a department level/ITT training meeting)