Lion Alliance 'TeachMeets'

The Lion Alliance provides a wealth of CPD Opportunities for staff across a range of stages in their careers. One of these opportunities that is exclusively available to members of the alliance are termly 'TeachMeets' where we explore focus areas of CPD that are in demand and that we want to develop at that time of the year. This allows us to be really flexible; engaging with our partner schools to address any points of concern and allows us to address gaps in knowledge that arise fluidly.

Colleagues who are experts in these areas are hand picked by our partner schools to deliver market leading sessions to explore and upskill our knowledge. These sessions are then open for any member of staff in the Lion Alliance to attend freely.

The great thing about our TeachMeets is that they can run in a variety of different formats; both in person or virtually, meaning we can adapt them easily to better suit the demands of the academic year.

Example TeachMeet

You can see an example of some of the content explored at one of our TeachMeets below. This is a real example of CPD that we have offered our partners (via a virtual setting during the covid pandemic) and shows our commitment to continually developing the knowledge of staff whatever stage of their career.

TeachMeet 1 (Spring) - Supporting children with SEND - Website Version