Continuing Professional Development - (CPD)

The Lion Alliance is committed to working closely with schools both within and beyond the alliance to raise the standard of teaching. We aim to develop passion whilst removing any artificial barriers to learning to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential. We fully believe in creating a culture of learning which encourages all to enquire, develop and share collaboratively.

Teaching and Learning Support

The Lion Alliance provide schools with the confidence that they will receive bespoke, high quality support to raise standards of teaching and learning. You will have access to colleagues who will work closely with you and your teachers to provide personalised support according to the needs of your school. We offer teaching and learning support at all levels, including Senior Leadership, Middle Leadership, ITT, NQT and recently qualified teachers.  Support can include coaching for individuals, departments, middle or senior leadership. Examples of support include CPD, action research, Lesson Study, AfL, questioning, planning, the learning cycle, pace, progress, SEND strategies, engagement, recall and retention, subject specialism, joint learning walks, and quality assurance. We can support you with subject specialist or whole school reviews and put in strategic support to raise the standard of teaching.

Requests for Teaching and Learning Support

When requesting Teaching and Learning Support from The Lion Alliance, you can be confident that the support we provide is bespoke to your school. We will meet with you to visit your school and discuss your needs. It is important to us that we build a positive and professional relationship with you and your colleagues from which we can develop appropriate support with demonstrable outcomes. The Lion Alliance has a wide range of colleagues who not only have vast experience and expertise, but are personable and will listen to work with you.

We believe The Lion Alliance School Support offers value for money and will equip you with effective and long lasting support. You will be involved in the design of your Teaching and Learning support, agreeing together the focus of the support, the expected outcomes, length of the support and costs. Support is reviewed regularly with you and measured against demonstrable outcomes. We will ask you to reflect on the impact of the support and how this has informed your practice.


The support that the Lion Alliance offers is bespoke to each school and designed to maximise the impact in the areas you want to see improvement in. We will work with you to agree the focus and what the expected outcomes are.


- Teaching and Learning; including pedagogy and action research.
- Behaviour for Learning; including restorative justice.
- Particular subject or specialist areas.
- SEND knowledge and provision.
- The schools 'Ofsted' rating.
- Exam results.
- Closing the gaps for significant groups; for example, disadvantaged pupils, pupil premium, boys or girls etc.
- Whole school consistency.
- School values or Improvement priorities through self evaluation and clear, measured foci.
- Available CPD programmes and opportunities; including leadership CPD.

- A positive ethos and shared values.
- Positive attitudes to mental and physical health.
- The right attitudes in the work environment; including a healthy work-life balance.
- Developing partnerships with colleagues and regular co-construction.
- Taking part in regular CPD to raise the standard of knowledge.

- Teaching and Associate colleagues.
- Middle and Senior Leaders; including improving capacity.
- Initial Teacher Training (ITT) and Early Career Teachers (ECT).