Chartered Teaching Programme

The Lion Alliance is delighted to be working with the Chartered College of Teaching as a Learning Partner. Founded by Royal Charter, they are the sector’s professional body aiming to celebrate, support and connect teachers, with over 45,000 members nationally and internationally. We are one of the select few organisations across the world equipped to support teachers and school leaders in achieving Chartered Status, an accredited professional standard of teaching expertise.

Our relationship with the Chartered College of Teaching underlines The Alliance's commitment to developing expert teachers, as well as deepening a culture of evidence-informed practice across our partner schools. We are passionate about improving the outcomes of all young people and believe that the best way to secure this is through enabling teachers to be the best possible practitioners.

Achieving Chartered Status requires completion of four assessment units which are set, marked and moderated by the Chartered College of Teaching. The four assessment units cover a broad set of professional behaviours, knowledge and practices outlined in the Chartered College of Teachings’ Professional Principles. The assessments allow candidates to focus on their own area of interest, thus Chartered Teacher Status can be achieved in any teaching or school leadership role, whatever the phase or subject. Although undeniably a demanding course, this is part of its currency and national recognition of achievement.

For more information on joining the Chartered College of Teaching, please visit Once joined, you will be eligible to work towards a Certificate in Evidence-Informed Practice, and from January 2022 you can apply to start your journey to Chartered Status.

For more information, please email, or you can contact the Chartered College directly on


About the Chartered Teacher Programme

The development of a programme to allow teachers to achieve Chartered Teacher Status has been a central focus of the Chartered College of Teaching since it began. The Chartered College of Teaching is now working in partnership with providers across the country to deliver the Chartered Teacher programme.

Chartered Teacher Status recognises the knowledge, skills and behaviours of excellent teachers, highlights the importance of their expertise in supporting the learning of children and young people and represents the first step in the development of a career pathway focused on effective classroom practice, not leadership. This status also brings teaching in line with other professions, where recognition of expertise and expectation of career-long professional learning are well-established.

In order to complete the programme and achieve Chartered Teacher Status, participants will undertake 5 stand alone assessments that allow them to showcase their knowledge and skills against the areas set out in the Chartered College’s Professional Principles.

These highlight the importance of deep subject knowledge, understanding of pedagogy, assessment, and excellent classroom practice, as well as critical evaluation, engagement with research evidence and a desire to contribute to the profession.

Assessments include rigorous written and oral assignments, completion of a professional development plan, a research-based improvement project, and submission of a portfolio of videos of practice, work samples and reflections.

Benefits to the Participant

The Chartered Teacher programme aims to support teachers’ personal, professional and career development, and acknowledges and celebrates the fantastic work that happens in classrooms across the country every day. Those achieving Chartered Teacher Status will be recognised for evidence-informed, high-quality teaching practice, benefiting the young people they teach. Participation in the programme will also support teachers’ understanding and knowledge of effective evaluation, professional development, education policy, and research-engagement.

Benefits to the School

Successful completion of the programme and the assessments required to achieve Chartered Teacher Status demonstrates not just a teachers’ excellent knowledge and practice, but also professional behaviours that mean they have an impact beyond their own classroom. Chartered Teachers are committed to supporting the development of other teachers, sharing their expertise and contributing to a culture of learning and research-engagement within a school.

Benefits to the Profession

Chartered Teacher Status will help to raise the status of teachers and the important role they play, bringing teaching in line with other professions. The Chartered Teacher programme also represents a step in a move towards developing career pathways focused on excellent teaching, rather than leadership, and has a critical role to play in supporting teacher recruitment and retention.